COVID-19 Coronavirus Antibody Testing Kit|10 kit|7,500 Yen / per person (Tax Excluded)

¥82,500 税込
・I Check antibody test kit for 10 people
・Credit card payment|Bank transfer
・In principle, the product will be shipped on the same day, but it may be delayed.
・You can get consultation from medical institutions.
・Safe with an antibody test kit that has the most clinical trial results in Japan
・Positive detection rate 95%
・Comparison coefficient with PCR test 0.96 (1 is a perfect match)

From now on, the employees who were waiting at home will return to the company. If an infected person (cluster) emerges from the company employee, all business will be suspended.
Or, if an employee continues to work while having an infection and spreads the infection to customers, there is a risk of damages and there is a risk of bankruptcy.

For example, by distributing this antibody test kit to employees, conducting tests before coming to the office, and setting in-house rules such that only negative employees come to work, it is possible to prevent asymptomatic infected employees from going to work. It can be used as a workaround for various management risks.